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Grayling, Michigan 49738

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Mission Statement

The Crawford County Jail utilizes all cost effective alternatives to incarceration, consistent with public safety and protection of inmate rights. When such alternatives are not applicable, inmates will be incarcerated in a constitutional, secure and humane environment. The essentials of human life are provided to inmates in a non discriminatory manner and continuance of family and community contacts is encouraged.

General Information

The Crawford County Corrections Center currently has a capacity of 51 beds. The jail houses pre trial detainees and prisoners sentenced to one year or less. Persons who are arrested by any agency in our county are lodged within the Crawford County Jail in Grayling. In addition to housing prisoners on violations of state statutes, we also house inmates from time to time for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, outside counties, and the Michigan Department of Corrections on a temporary basis. Agencies who house prisoners from outside our county pay for each day the subject is housed, and those funds are turned over to the County Treasurer for general fund revenue.. The jail houses minimum to maximum security inmates, work release and trustees to include male and females. The jail has a state of the art surveillance and cell door locking system needed to maintain the many levels of security to ensure employee, public and inmate safety.

Many programs at the Crawford Co Jail help to assist in providing counseling services and the skills necessary to help reduce recidivism.

Some of these programs include:

Community Corrections
Jail Ministry / Religious Volunteers.


Housing reimbursement

In accordance with the Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated 801.83, reimbursement of expenses:

"Financial status of prisoners, forms, Section 3, (the county may seek reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the county relation to the charge. The charges for which a person was sentenced to the Crawford County Jail as follows".

"From each person who is incarcerated, of not more than $ 30.00 per day for the expenses of maintaining that inmate or the actual per diem cost of maintaining that inmate, whichever is less, for the entire period of time that inmate was confined to include any period of pretrial detention, in the Crawford County Jail".

MCLA 801.257 allows that an inmate may not receive a reduction in his / her term under Section 7 Act 60 of Public Acts of 1962, if that inmate refuses to cooperate with the County in seeking reimbursement.


The address for incarcerated inmates:

Inmate Name
Crawford County Jail
200 W. Michigan Ave
Grayling, MI 49738


Jail Visitation

Visiting hours are set up in accordance with the first letter of the inmate's last name and will be as follows:

A - I    Monday         6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
            Wednesday   6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
J-Z     Tuesday         6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
           Thursday       6:00 pm to 8:30 pm


Inmate visitors will be limited to the following:

Attorneys and clergy should call before visiting to reserve a room for the visit, or it will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Each inmate is limited to 2 visitors per visitation period - 30 minutes per visit.

Visitors will leave coats and baggage in the area provided for same.

All visitors will sign in 30 minutes prior to the end of the specified visiting times. Once they sign in, they must remain in the lobby area. Only the visitor to see the inmate shall sign the sheet.

Inmates may receive money orders only from visitors. The money order must be given directly to the Corrections Officer.

Any visitor giving an inmate any item not approved by these rules will be removed from the jail.

All mail for inmates must be sent through the US Postal Service.

All monies for an inmate must be in a money order. Cash will not be accepted for any reason.

Money may be deposited in an inmate account by using the kiosk in the Jail lobby or by going on line to

A visitor must be 18 years of age to visit without parents or guardian supervision. The only exception will be if the visitor is married to the inmate and can prove it by producing a marriage license.

Prior inmates of this Jail or prison system will not be allowed to visit. The only exception will be if the inmate is a parent or child of the inmate.

The lobby of the Jail will be open to visitors 15 minutes before visitation only. 

There is no smoking within the Jail, Sheriff's Office and Crawford County Building.

Children shall remain in the lobby area under parental supervision. There will be no disruptive or loud activity. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office or the County of Crawford shall not accept any responsibility for any visitors injured in the lobby or on office grounds.

All visitors must remain in the lobby area of the jail or if outside in the area in front of the lobby doors.

Any inmate receiving items from a visitor not approved by these rules shall have disciplinary action taken.

Any visitor or inmate caught violating any of these rules shall be removed from the visitation area and their name submitted to the Jail Administrator along with a report for future denial of visits.

If, in the discretion of the Corrections Officer, it is felt that a visitor is intoxicated or on a illegal drug, that visitor will denied access to visit.



PBT's (Breath Tests for Alcohol) shall be administered daily between 6:00 am and 9:00 am. There is a charge of $ 5.00 per test which must be paid before the test is administered. 

Warrant information is maintained by the 46th Circuit Court. Please visit their website at to see the warrant list.


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