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Personal Protection Orders

For Victims of Family Violence, Dating Violence, and/or Stalking

What is a personal protection order ?

A personal protection order (PPO) is an order issued by the court. It can protect you from harassment, assault, beating, molesting, wounding, or stalking by another person. The order can also prohibit him / her from entering your premises and from removing minor children unless the removal is part of court ordered visitation.

Personal Protection Orders (PPOs) are orders of the Circuit Court that forbid or require a person to do something.

The person filing a PPO is the plaintiff, and the person you file a PPO against is the defendant.

The PPO may order the defendant not to:

         Enter your property.

         Assault, attack, beat, or wound you.

         Remove children from you if you have legal custody.

         Interfere at your place of employment.

         Interfere with your efforts to remove your children or personal property.

         Contact you by telephone.

         Send you mail (including electronic mail).

         Purchase or possess a firearm.

Penalties for Violating a PPO:

         Maximum 93 days in jail and / or

         Maximum $500 fine.

Two Types of PPOs

There are two types of personal protection orders. One is issued only after the other person has been notified that you have filed for a restraining order and after a court hearing has been held.

The other type is issued without notifying the other person and with no court hearing. This is called an ex parte order. 

Restraining PPO

To Qualify for a Restraining PPO, you MUST establish:

         One of the following relationships with the defendant:

         A current or former spouse.

         A current or former dating relationship.

         Reside or resided in the same household.

         A child in common.

         Reasonable cause to believe the defendant may commit one or more of the behaviors listed in the previous.

Stalking PPO

To Qualify for a Stalking PPO, you are not required to show a relationship with the defendant. However, you must establish that the defendant has shown:

         A pattern of behavior, including 2 separate incidents,

         would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested,

         and that actually causes the person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested.

         Reasonable cause to believe the defendant may commit one or more of the behaviors listed in the previous.

How do I file for a personal protection order ?

Go to the Crawford Co Clerk's Office / Circuit Court and ask for a "do it yourself" personal
 protection order packet. The packet will provide the forms you will need and instructions on how to fill out the forms. If you are in immediate danger, ask the court for an immediate ex parte order and check the ex parte box on the form.

Isn't it a crime for someone to assault me or threaten to assault me ? So why do I need this order?

Yes, it is a crime in Michigan for someone to assault or threaten another person. But, if you are the abuser's spouse, former spouse, or a person residing or having resided in the same household, a person having a child in common, or are having or have had a dating relationship, Michigan law provides extra protection by allowing you to file a PPO. 

When will the personal protection order go into effect ?

The order goes into effect as soon as the judge signs it. The County Clerk's office immediately presents this order to the Crawford Co Sheriff's Office LEIN Terminal for immediate entry into the Michigan Law Enforcement Information Network. 

Do I need an attorney ?

No, These forms will allow you to file a protective order yourself.

Can I get a personal protection order to protect me from a stalker ?

Yes. Stalking involves harassment that causes you to feel terrorized, threatened, intimidated, frightened, or molested. This could include following you, making unwanted calls or mailings, or showing up repeatedly at your home or work.

How do I file for a stalking personal protection order ?

The Crawford Co Clerk can provide forms with step by step instructions on how to file for the stalking personal protection order.

What information will I need to file for a personal protection order ?

Some of the things you will need before you fill out the forms include:

You will also need information about the person to be restrained such as name, address, place of employment, date of birth, physical description, etc.

The court will provide you with the necessary forms to fill out. 

IMPORTANT: If you have notarized written statements from witnesses and copies of supporting documents or materials from police, doctors, or social agencies, bring them with you.


Important Notice

By using the do it yourself personal protection order you are choosing to represent yourself in a court action.

In order to receive the protection you seek, you must follow the instructions you are given. If you fail to do even one of the required steps, the order you get from the court could be ineffective and you could remain unprotected.


The above information is from the State Court Administrative Office Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board.

46th Circuit Trial Court - Crawford, Kalkaska, Otsego Counties


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